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The New Jersey Statewide Harold V.B. Voorhis A.M.D. In-Gathering was held at Atlas Pythagoras Lodge, 1011 Central Ave Westfield, NJ on Saturday August 5, 2017.


Our guest of honor this year was M:.V:. Gary B. Hinson, Sovereign Grand Master of the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America. In attendance, from the Grand Council, were R:.V:. Mohamad A. Yatim, Senior Grand Deacon; R:.V:. Oscar Alleyne, Grand Superintendent of NY; R:.V:. Yasser AlKhatib, Grand Superintendent of PA East; and R:.V:. Moises I. Gomez, Honorary Senior Grand Deacon. R:.V:. Henry G. Abel III, Grand Superintendent of New Jersey was unable to attend for joyful family reasons, nevertheless his contributions to the success of this event were apparent to all in attendance. V:. Michael S. Neuberger, PSM of Da Vinci Council #477 was given the responsibility to run the in-gathering in his stead.


The In-Gathering was open by V:. Neuberger at 9:30am sharp.  He presented to the brethren the visiting elected Grand Officers of the York Rite Bodies present, represented by R.E. David L. Tucker, Grand Scribe of The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Jersey and M.I. Brian H. Blades, PMIGM-2002 of the Most Puissant Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of the State of New Jersey, after which they were given a hardy round of applause. He then presented to the brethren the Sovereign Grand Master, M:.V:. Gary B. Hinson, and the Grand Council officers accompanying him.  After grand honors were provided by the brethren, V:.B:. Michael S Neuberger tendered the gavel to the Sovereign Grand Master, who briefly addressed the brethren and returned the gavel to V:.B:. Michael S. Neuberger to proceed with the day’s events.


The lectures for the day included:

•“Prince Edwin, the Birth of a Myth” by V:.B:. Robert Howard, PSM of Daniel Coxe Council #479 AMD.  He discussed why every New Jersey Blue Lodge Charter contains the name of Prince Edwin of York.


•“Freemasonry and the Mystic Schools of the East” by R:.V:. Mohamad A. Yatim, PSM of Da Vinci Council #477 AMD.  We are all aware of the Western Mystical traditions that exist within our fraternity, but R:.V:. Yatim took us on a journey through the Mystical traditions of the East and their connections to our traditions.


•“12 Guilty Men: A Lesson in Repentance” by V:.B:. Michael S Neuberger, PSM Da Vinci Council #477 AMD.  He discussed the guilt of the 12 walking craftsmen and their journey towards repentance.


•“Temple to Temple” by V:.B:. Howard Z. Kanowitz, PSM J. Howard Haring Council #116 AMD.  A history of the Jewish people from the building and destruction of King Solomon’s Temple to the building and destruction of Zerubbabel’s Temple.


In addition to the lectures, the degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr was conferred and Bro. Gregory Watts, a newly received AMD member of Gnothi Seauton Council # 537 from Pennsylvania, served as the exemplar.


The day concluded with remarks from the Grand Council delegates and our Sovereign Grand Master, after which, V:.B:. Michael S Neuberger closed the In-Gathering at 2:30pm and the brethren retired to the collation room for fellowship, cake, and a few cigars.

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The 2017 NJ Statewide A.M.D. In-Gathering

Saturday August 5, 2017

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