New Jersey Councils

of the

Allied Masonic Degrees

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Grand Superintendent of NJ

To the brethren of the New Jersey Councils of the Allied Masonic Degrees,


I am greatly humbled to have been appointed Grand Superintendent for the State of New Jersey to the Grand Council  of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America, and will represent you with honor and zeal.  


The councils of New Jersey are beacons of light, where brethren can gather to learn from one another, to share in education, enlightenment, to further build that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  


I have been a member of Da Vinci Council #477 since 2011, and I can put hand to heart and say I have never left a council meeting dissatisfied.  We gather together to nourish our minds, spirits, and souls with that spiritual manna of Knowledge and Reason.


AMD is an invitational body, and you were specifically selected by your brethren, as someone who they wished to share light and to learn from.  Remember, that the operating model of AMD is not business meetings, ritual, or fellowship (although, we do have much fellowship). For AMD to be successful, it requires you to earnestly participate, not only in the writing and delivering of research papers, but in actively engaging in the discussions that follow.  Your attendance is an absolute must.  


In addition brethren, we also carry a great burden that we owe back to our fraternity.  We should not conceal the wisdom cultivated in our councils amongst just ourselves, but we all have a responsibility to travel within Blue Lodges, sharing our lectures with the craft.  Never again should a Worshipful Master post in his trestleboard, for a stated communication, the dreaded death knell of any lodge – “Business Meeting”.   I will call upon you to help me develop a “Speakers Bureau”, where talented members of NJ-AMD will offer their services to Worshipful Masters in need of programming.   Every Master should know us by name and feel free to call upon us.


Brethren I look forward to working with you over the coming years, as we continue to build on the successes of those who have travelled this road before.



Fraternally yours,


R:.V:. Michael S. Neuberger, KGCRORBE

Grand Superintendent of the State of New Jersey