New Jersey Councils

of the

Allied Masonic Degrees

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Grand Superintendent of NJ

My A.M.D. Brethren,


I consider it a privilege and honor to represent you at the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America.


We currently have 12 active Councils in New Jersey, all of which share a focus and dedication to furthering Masonic knowledge. While the Symbolic and Capitular Degrees provide the basic tools necessary to help erect our spiritual temple, A.M.D. councils foster greater enlightenment by promoting Masonic research and education and by preserving ancient and detached Masonic degrees.


Membership in the A.M.D. is a privilege and should be extended only to worthy and well-recommended Royal Arch Masons who possess a sincere interest in Masonic education and who are willing to invest their time in conducting Masonic research. These simple but important requirements will help ensure that the A.M.D. Councils in New Jersey prosper and flourish.


Each one of us has his own path to travel in the active search of truth and enlightenment. That journey becomes more exciting and valuable when we travel with intellectually curious brethren who share similar interests and passions. I encourage you to participate in the annual NJ statewide In-Gathering held in July and also consider attending the Grand Council's annual meeting held in February in Virginia.


I look forward to work with you to promote Masonic education and knowledge in New Jersey through our esteemed councils. We are in an exciting time for the Allied Masonic Degrees in our state.


If I can be of any help, please don't hesitate to contact me.




R:.V:. Henry G. Abel III, KGCRORBE

Grand Superintendent of the State of New Jersey